Welcome to to the homepage of "Hexley" the platypus. Hexley is the mascot for Apple's open source operating system Darwin. This mascot had its genesis on the Darwin-Developers mailing list. Various proposals were put forward by the members of the list, and after much lively discussion everyone settled on a Platypus. Jon Hooper created the design which was then named after Darwin's assistant who was supposedly called Hexley. Learn more about the mistaken identity of Hexley.

The design's copyright belongs to Jon Hooper. There is basically no restriction on copying the design. Jon asks that you use good taste in the use of Hexley and that you try remain on model. It would be preferable if the designs were not altered or modified in order to keep the integrity of the design. Also if a drawing is used he would appreciate a credit either near the image or in your pages credits, whatever is appropriate.

Apple has asked us to let people know that using an apple in conjunction with Hexley is inappropriate since Hexley is not an officially sanctioned logo for Darwin, therefore using an apple is risking the wrath of Apple's trademark lawyers.

Full text of license

Download a print ready model sheet 1.5Mb


We are working on providing more images of Hexley. If you need something that we don't currently have up please email me and I will see what I can do. Check below in our downloads to see if your currrent needs are met.

Jon Hooper jonhoops@mac.com


128X128 Icons (Set of 7 tiffs with alpha 84kb) hexley_icons_128.tar.gz

450X450 Images (Set of 7 tiffs with alpha 444kb) hexley_tiffs_450.tar.gz

OSX Folder Icon set (7 Folder Icon X files) submitted by Yannick Housseau hexley folder icon set.sit

Adobe Illustrator file of Hexley with Fork (293kb) hexley_2k_vector_AI.eps

Printable Turn-Around Model Sheet 300dpi (1.5Mb) hexley_turnaround.pdf


Jim Schmidt has put up some shirts on Cafe Press http://www.cafepress.com/darwinos inspired by a Christian Site attacking Apple as Evil (A hoax apparently)